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On July 26, 2002, five days before his 90th birthday, Milford Kirkpatrick passed from this earthly life and went on to his eternal life to be with the Lord. He was 89 years old. Milford was in the ministry for over 60 years. During that time he traveled to many countries around the world. God used him to affect many peoples lives and bring them to the knowledge and reality of God. That was the prime passion and purpose in his life. Milford said there were several events important in his life that happened in the month of July. He was born July 31, 1912. He came to know God in July at the age of 15. He was filled with the Holy Spirit in July. And now he has gone to be with God in July. He will be missed.

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We first met Milford Kirkpatrick in 1994 when he came to preach at a church where we were attending. The first thing we noticed about him was his compassion and love for people. It is God's love by His Holy Spirit working through this man. One thing that amazed us was that at his age he was still going strong in the power of the Holy Spirit. He was 82 at that time. Now it is the year 2002 and he is 89 years old. He doesn't travel as much but has never stopped sharing with people God's love for them. We wanted to contribute to his ministry by putting this website up so people all around the world could have access to his ministry and story. The internet has become a very good tool for publishing all types of information. And, this information about the reality of God and His love for people should not be withheld.

Sperry Russ

O.K. Lord is the life story of Milford Kirkpatrick's experiences with God. He tells how God became real to him and called him into the ministry.
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The 1948 Revival & Now is the story of how God supernaturally visted His people with the reality of His presence and power. Milford Kirkpatrick tells how this encounter with the living God changed him and others in 1948.
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Nine Gifts of the Spirit is a simple teaching by Milford Kirkpatrick along with practical experiences of how God operates through His people.
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That They May Be One is a revelation that God gave to Milford Kirkpatrick about the Body of Christ becoming one instead of fragmented and divided against itself.
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Unusual Christian Stories is eight short stories of God's supernatural help in different circumstances of Milford's life.
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