Milford Ernest Kirkpatrick



My daughter, Ruth, suggested one day that I should write a book of my life story. At first I was somewhat reluctant, but God dealt with my heart and I decided that I should do so for His honor and glory.

As you read this book relating the happenings of days now past, you will be traveling through my life. I trust that you will see the intervention of God, and realize that it was really God traveling through a life, shaping and reproducing Himself in it. There are many bends in the river of life and many traumatic experiences--the hilltops as well as the valleys.

This narrative I hope will bring a smile or two as you relive some of the humorous episodes and the foolish things I have done because of ignorance. Perhaps you will even shed a tear as well at some of the more sober trials we have gone through in life.

Although we did go through some very discouraging times with many trials and sacrifices, we never once entertained the thought of giving up. Somehow by the grace of God I always managed to keep saying, "O.K., God!" Only Heaven will reveal how many souls have been saved, filled, healed and delivered throughout the years.

My ministry as a whole has been geared to the salvation of souls. I had wondered how I should title this book, and decided that nothing would be more appropriate than to title it, "O.K. Lord!" as my first response to God is where it all began out by the barn door with my first prayer.


A word of thanks to my family and all who have contributed in any way to the publishing of this book. To Paul Simmons in the original typing of the substance and especially to Nancy Borden for her part in arranging and editing the book.

The pictures shown in the book are phases, aspects, places where things happened in my life.

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