The 1948 Revival & Now

Part 2

Milford E. Kirkpatrick


Because of this new addition to my book, The 1948 Revival & Now, I am glad that I left the end of the book open with no "amen" attached. I would like to quote the last statement from Part One (the original ending for my book). "I feel in conclusion like the writer of the Acts of the Apostles, that I should omit the 'amen' because the Acts of the Apostles are not over yet, and neither is the revival of which I speak. It continues now and will grow in momentum in the future."

There is much to add. The "now" speaks of the present, but implies what will happen in the future because we have an ever-present "now" God. Whatever happens in the future is always in the present with God. He is eternal, He is always one step ahead of us.

It is true that we have learned a great deal in the forty or more years since the 1948 revival when God moved in a sovereign manner. He heard our cry and answered the many weeks of prayer and fasting. We heard the voice of the prophet in our midst, who set before us "principles" that were written in our hearts. We will dwell on the principles that are described within. As with any revelation, we will build upon its foundation, stone upon stone, glory to glory. In many respects, the need is as apparent today as it was back then.

Briefly let's review the seven principles of the 1948 revival. First of all, God alerted us to the need to "reverence" Him and His presence. Secondly, He revealed to us that He would send "restoration," which He did. Next in the third principle, God showed us the necessity of "unity" in the Body of Christ. He then taught us the fourth principle of "laying on of hands and prophecy." This was needed to quicken and to restore the gifts of the Spirit, which it did. Worship, praise and singing in the spirit were also restored, among many other things. In the fifth principle God dealt with our attitudes; He called us "not to justify ourselves" or the revival. This also dealt with the tendency to glorify ourselves or the revival. Hard on the heels of the fifth principle was the sixth, when God said He would fight our battles for us. "Whose battle is it?" was the question asked. God Himself would confirm the revival with signs following, thus avoiding a wrong spirit on our part. With the first six principles established we were ready for the seventh, which was a "worldwide vision." This last principle was the very purpose for all of the previous principles revealed.

It was an exciting time. Many of us took the message to different parts of the world. Unfortunately, some who were part of the revival fell by the wayside. God moves in His sovereignty, but man makes shipwreck when he departs from the original. Still God moves on in His purposes.

I think I can say to the glory of God, that I have never departed from the principles laid down. I have traveled to over twenty different countries with these principles and have seen them in operation. It seems ironic that I am now 78 years old and for over forty years have been declaring this last day message.

I am excited as I endeavor to write about what we are to expect from this time forward. I feel like David of old when he said, "My heart was hot within me, while I was musing the fire burned: then spake I with my tongue" (Psalm 39:3). At times in writing this addition to my book, the spirit of prophecy has come upon me. I feel impressed to include this prophecy:

"I am preparing a people for My name, who will walk in My ways. It is the time for the revealing of My glory, as it was on My people of old, so shall it be upon you. Thou shalt be My people and I will be thy God. I have led you this far and from time to time revealed My intention, and now My glory shall overshadow thee. I will guide thee, I shall sustain thee, I will empower thee to overcome. The glory I shall give thee will cause thee to stand in the last days, for there shall be great darkness but thou shalt shine; there shall be persecutions and perplexities but thou shalt stand because of My glory upon thee. Thou shalt not be the tail, but the head. I shall move in My sovereignty. Thou shalt see My glory in mighty acts, signs, and wonders, which I have done before, but now it shall increase. The prophet shall stand and declare My purpose. My apostles shall give forth wisdom, and My messengers shall give forth glad tidings. My shepherds shall love the sheep instead of themselves, and their hearts shall be enlarged toward My people. My teachers shall cast forth the plumb line and make sure the measurements. All of this shall reveal My glory. Great shall be the gathering of the people to their God. I will make My people glorious in that day. I shall accomplish My purpose and then cometh the end when I shall receive thee, My glorious bride, and thou shalt be with Me forever."

The word of the Lord is coming to us today from many sources. The Spirit of the Lord is coming upon His servants everywhere. In my travels I hear the word of the Lord from many prominent ministers. It comes not only in prophecies they give but in statements they make, saying that the greatest revival of all times is coming in the future. I hear words in my own spirit like refreshing, revival, restoration, and recommission. Also words like life, light, and love, and victory, vitality, power and authority! I believe it is the spirit of prophecy that Joel spoke about that shall be upon God's people in the last days telling us what to expect.

"He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches" (Rev. 2:29). How many believe we should take heed to what the Spirit is saying to the Church? Many of us know of the things that prophecy has indicated will happen, but I hasten to say, we have not seen anything yet. It is true we do not seek signs and wonders for excitement or curiosity, but we must have signs and wonders following in the Church. Why was it that Jesus always had crowds following Him? It was because He was able to meet the needs of the people spiritually, physically and materially.

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