The 1948 Revival & Now

Milford E. Kirkpatrick



Because of so many inquiries through the years, it seemed evident that I should either by cassette or book form give an honest account of the actual happenings in the 1948 revival I witnessed in Saskatchewan, Canada.

In the providence of God it so happened that I was there when the great outpouring of the Spirit came upon us. I have been teaching the outstanding truths and principles that came from this revival across the nation and in many countries around the world. If fully understood they will serve as guidelines, not only as in the past, but at this present time. Not that we knew it all then or know it all now, but God did lay down certain Bible principles that were workable then and are workable now.

Many of our brethren at this time have never heard what really happened, and many who have heard might have received a distorted report. Some reports that have been circulated are a far cry from what really took place.

This has been true of many revivals. It was true of the 1906 revival when many were filled with the Spirit, known as the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This started the great Pentecostal revival that circled the earth. Many peculiar stories were told, but God established the truth regardless and many are being filled with the Spirit today.

Because of the reports circulated, pro and con, regarding the 1948 revival, I will endeavor by the help of God to give a true report.

No one except God can receive the credit or glory for the mighty visitation that was given at that time. Personally I have endeavored to move in the principles that the Holy Spirit established at that time. As far as I know, I have not deviated from them.

As in any past revival that God has sent, some have departed from what God originally established. Many times through prophetic utterance we were admonished by the Spirit not to depart from our calling or ministry. We were to continue in the revelation that God had given us that was quickened by the Spirit concerning His Word.

There were seven main principles laid down in the 1948 revival, seven main truths that we were to adhere to. In Part One of this book, I will go through these principles point by point, and step by step, filling in a few things that actually happened. I will also give a few concluding remarks at the end of this portion of the book of how these principles will effect us now.

Owing to many requests to add more to the original printing of my book, I felt it was the mind of the Lord to do so. In Part Two, the new addition, I will expound further on what we are to expect from the now on. I concluded that it would not be necessary to rewrite the original portion of the book, as much of the same conditions exist in the Church today. Therefore, it has been left basically as it was with few revisions.

I trust that what I shall say will be a blessing to you and give us all direction.

-M. E. Kirkpatrick

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